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Dlf Packers provide their packing and moving services on a very economical rate. Dlf Packers provide their packing and moving services in way which makes it easy to undertake the customers needs properly, economically, promptly and with no tension at all. Our Company is well known to provide complete solutions to all your local Dlf Packers  problems related to Packaging Services, Car Carrier Services, Relocation Services, domestic and international relocation services warehousing and storage services as well. Dlf Packers (Delhi) provide quality, safe and prompt local corporate and residential relocation services in Delhi Ncr. Dlf Packers acts very actively to handle all the relocation needs right from beginning to final resettlement as a single source.Call Us Now 9311260010

Local move is a move that is done state on city to city basis or in a limited radius say about 125 Km. from current location. All local moving companies and local moving services are regulated by the Public Utilities Conference (PUC) or by your state's Department of  Transportation (DOT).

The relocation industry charge on hourly basis. Local moving services are calculated either on hourly basis or according to the list of items included in the local move. In a simple way the estimates comes out on the basis of number of  items included in the move and the number of local movers required in the move. For example, a single-bedroom apartment will be cheaper than a four-bedroom apartment as the labour needed in a single bed-room apartment will be less than that of a four bed-room apartment..

The hourly rate depends on the number of local movers and the number vehicles required for the move.  Local moving company will decide the hourly rate for local movers. If the packing is required will also be   charged on hourly rate basis. Materials used for a local moving service are charged on their actual usage.Call Us Now 9311260010

Standard insurance charges are included in local move estimate. But if an additional insurance coverage is required is quoted on the day of the local move. Usually, a local move takes a time period from 1 to 2 days but it depends on the circumstances. Call Us Now 9311260010

We at Dlf Packers work hard to provide you appropriate solution to all your packers movers and relocation services needs. We provide door to door consignment services. We also provide some related services like Air Cargo Services, International Shifting Services, Custom Clearance, Insurance Services, Parcel Services, Courier Services, Escort Transportation Services, etc.Dlf Packers have a team of  expert, dedicated and well experienced staff to perform the task of packing and moving in very comfortable and convenient ways. Packing of the goods is done in a very professional and specialized way to avoid any damage to your goods during the move. There is a team of skilled staff to load and unload with utmost care. This is not an end of our services. We also pack, unpack and rearrange your households proper as per the instructions provided.

To transport your vehicles like two wheelers of four wheelers we have appropriate and specially designed vehicles and carriers required for the same. We load your vehicles (cars etc.) in covered truck with utmost care to avoid a scratch or any damage to them. Dlf Packers is a well known name among its  customers who provides them a quality, quick and hassle free service. We also provide safe and secure warehousing and storage facilities to customers on their demand.Call Us Now 9311260010

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